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Buy it on PC or PS4.

The controls are frustrating on iPhone. I played through it on PC and loved it, but after trying for a few hours I’m still not used to the controls that are limited and cumbersome on the touch screen format. They did as good of a job as they could converting the controls but it’s a game made to be played on PC or with a physical controller.

In love!

I have been savoring this game for months. I am afraid of it ending and I relish finding secrets, completing puzzles and new places to explore. Will the expansion Road to Gehenna be available on iOS?

Simply the best

This is the best adventure or puzzle game on the entire platform. There’s no contest. CroTeam smashed it out of the park when they made this game and bringing it to iOS is magic. I strongly recommend playing with a MFI controller. Hooked up to a TV, this game is gorgeous. My son loves playing it too and seeing the gears turn in his head as he tries to solve these puzzles is a cherished memory I’ll always have. Thanks CroTeam from a huge fan, and a father to another fan.


I love puzzle adventures. This has a story as well. Some puzzles are timing based but not twitchy. I dislike the movement controls intensely. Also on an iPad I’m still getting VR sickness. I can only play in short bursts. I was tempted to downgrade it to 3 stars for that.

Computer station doesn’t have scrolling back :(

I wanted to give this a 5* because this game is really awesome and I’m very invested in the story but the problem is when my character is talking to the computer station I can’t scroll up to see everything it’s written, I’m only getting the bottom half and if it’s the end of the conversation it basically blocks out everything because the main screen shows up and the rest is lost. It’s such a shame because the arguments and ideas proposed by the computer station are very deep and existential. I hate that I’m missing part of it. Devs if you’re reading this by chance, my device is an iPhone 6. Hopefully this is fixed, if so I will amend my review to reflect the improvements. :)

Interesting premise, challenging puzzles

This is an engrossing game. The storyline and premise are interesting, and there’s plenty of reading as the game goes along. Many of the puzzles are quite challenging, but very satisfying once you solve them. Be sure to thoroughly look around; there’s tons of things hiding out of plain sight! Two things: 1. I wish there was a “zip mode”, like in Myst. It’s a bit tiring to get from place to place, especially as you complete more of the game. 2. In Italian, some of the subtitles don’t match up with the audio. That’s a bit frustrating.

Very good, couple of caveats

It's a very good game and has beautiful graphics (as is to be expected of a port of a pc game) but also will heat up your phone and has slightly clunky controls (as is to be expected of a port of a pc game). All in all, though, it's an absolute steal at $5. My only real criticisms for the game itself are that some of the 'puzzles' involving the robots feel less like puzzles and more like the reflex tests of an action game; and that it's not always clear when the game is saved (there's a saving indicator on the pc version — I guess that didn't make it into the mobile port?


The Talos Principle will always be one of my favorite games. Yes, the graphics are gorgeous, but the story is even better. There are also a lot of philosophical questions that you are asked, which really make you think. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 100%

Can’t put it down!

This game is unbelievable! The graphics are so amazing and realistic. The story line is imaginative. Money very well spent. I’d give it 10 stars if I could. Don’t start playing if you don’t have a week to play because you won’t be able to put it down. Extremely addictive!

Great game, clunky controls

Love the game, hate the controls. The mini gamepad controls seem best for me but when I have to move fast it isn't pretty. Anyway, still playing.

Good game, but sometimes it is unplayable

The game is extremely lagging and I’m thinking about getting a refund. The lag makes it very hard to do tasks and play the game. Please fix this.

Thoughtful, clever, thoroughly enjoyable!

I would say that this is a thinking person’s game: creatively designed, always some new twist. I finished the whole thing, and it was manageable, since each puzzle could be completed in a relatively reasonable time frame. A real pleasure!

Beautiful and amazing

This game has brought me much more than I thought it would. The puzzles are sincerely genius and the learning curve is perfect. It starts off fairly easy and gains difficulty quickly. There are also many secrets to discover in this game. The secrets, while not required to find, are very satisfactory when you find them. I only have 5 stars left to find and will continue to look until I find them. I got to admit though, some of these stars seem impossible to find. Thanks developers for creating a great game. However, some of the secrets can not be gotten because of the controls.


Everything about the game is pretty much perfect. The graphics, puzzles, Story, gameplay, etc. One of the best games on iOS.

Audio makes me nauseated, literally

I can only play this game without sound. My guess is they are using some sort of binaural signal, which always gives me problems.

Inferior controls ruin the experience

What should be a world-class game is brought down by amateurish controls. The hilarious thing is they try to brag about them in the description (it’s like listening to Trump) where he they are so delusional they try to pass off a flaw as a feature. When multiple gamers tell you your controls are terrible, you might want to listen. I don’t mind getting killed if I make a mistake or don’t get the puzzle, but when you have to tap a guard 3-5 times to get it to work, and get killed in the process, that’s just annoying.

Some levels unplayable on iOS

Really like this game, and am about 3/4 of the way through when I found out there are some levels that are unsolvable on iOS. Love the puzzle challenges, but some levels are just plain “how precisely can you run the controls” - no intellectual challenge at all. And unfortunately these levels are impossible on iOS due to the touchscreen controls. If I find out I can’t complete this game on iOS due to these levels, I’ll come back and change my review down to one star.

Bad controls and boring play

Beautiful graphics with tiresome play. In a nutshell: wander around beautiful scenery using cumbersome controls, find a stun gun, use gun to strategically inactivate mines/force fields/death rays to collect a sigil, repeat. After collecting a set of sigils, do a fit-the-sigils-together puzzle. Maybe somewhere down the line the game play changes, but I see that I have at least 15 sigils to collect as of now and I really don’t want to do this same, unenjoyable gameplay that long. The game really needs to implement controls like Xon to make navigation more natural, but even that wouldn’t save me from the one-dimensional gameplay. Sorry I spent the money.

On a pad/Iphone - fine controls - poor

First of all - this game is incredible. I cannot rave more about it. Sadly - on the subtle, more complicated, fine tuning type puzzles, the two “controllers” given to you are poor. It takes between 5-7 times the amount of time to complete a puzzle (whoosh, nerve destroyer(?) puzzles as an example). Please consider this next game. This game is obviously made for a mouse to be as successful as possible. Again - vast majority of game is a 5 ⭐️ EDIT: Please do yourself a favor - No pad No iphone It is a frustrating game ... in a good way. If you add the crappy controls to it - it makes it MADDENING!!!!!!

Reminds me of portal

Great puzzles. Reminiscent of portal in many ways. Excellent game and great playtime. Especially for just a few bucks. Fantastic.

Great game but....

....there does not appear to be any way to transfer your saved games to another device. Got a new iPad Pro but my only apparent choice is to start over from the beginning. I won’t.

The Best Game Ever

I used my new IPad for this game and had no movement issues. I used the over the left shoulder view (not first person) and found it quite easy to get around. I was able to control my speed easily and left side of the iPad used a joystick control for forward back and left right while right finger anywhere else was used for direction I was looking The puzzles were excellent, the story line was captivating and graphics for 3D were the best. I think the price is well below what was delivered. I thought all of the Room I, 2 & 3 series and Da Vinci game were the best but I have to Give Talos the nod.

Visuals Are Breathtaking on Mobile

Got it for my IPad Pro. A great port for one of the greatest puzzle games ever made. Puzzle fans will not be disappointed.

Own 3 “versions” iOS lives up.

Amazing that I’m playing my favorite all time game, let alone a PS4 game on my phone. It’s just as much a joy on other systems albeit the limitations of touchscreen. 5/5 stars for this amazing experience.


This is in the top 5 of the best mobile games I have ever played. Played almost every night before bed for over 2 months. Awesome graphics, story and sound. Takes a fair amount of thought, but not overwhelming. Use the joystick style controls.

A puzzle game with depth

I gave this game a 5/5. Great graphics, sound, music, and gameplay. The only thing that had me at the beginning was the controls but once I went into the menu and found the right control setting for me the game is so much more smooth and fluid. With all that said it’s not that graphics, the puzzles, or sound that really grab my interest but the story. This philosophical aspect to it is amazing. I’m not finished with the game yet but definitely enjoying it!

Fantastic game, but sometimes crashes

Overall, I’m maybe about half-way through the game and it is breathtaking. Graphics are incredible and the puzzles are very challenging, not to mention the story is thought provoking and intriguing. However, I am playing this on an IPhone 6s and find that the game occasionally crashes. It helps when I use low battery mode and airplane mode but I don’t know if this is a compatibility problem or a problem with my phone. Luckily, the game is fun enough where the crashes aren’t a deal breaker.

Awful controls

I’ve played the game for 10 Min and had to put it down due to annoyance with controls. Why couldn’t you make it a standard feel to movement is beyond me. Disappointed I bought this game

Puzzling I like

Keeping me interested and coming back until I figure it out.

Much better than ‘the witness’

Better puzzles, better graphics, actual thought-provoking storyline with philosophical dialogue...this is a must buy on iOS

Challenging game

This game kept me glued to my iPhone X for three weeks. I did not finish the final tower ending as I am afraid of hights.

Awesome game

This game satisfied my thirst for more Myst and The Room type games. The difficulty increases as you get further and further along, but if you stick it out it’s worth all the time invested. It has more than one ending as well. I liked that it took a long time to complete. Well worth the cost.

Games amazing

Having issues hearing sound on my iPhone X, everything else has sound other than this app, please help fix


Great gqme

No iphone8 plus resolution

It did not even take 1 second to realize this game uses a scaled resolution on iphone 8 plus. It looks blurry compared to other games After playing jade empire, gta:sa, monster hunter, bully scholarship edition then coming to this.. talos principle looks super blurry in comparison. All the other games appear as crisp because they use the real iphones resolution. This should too I understand/appreciate the optimizations to the visuals and can stomach the lower res textures.. but come on. Native screen resolution is paramount. Talos principle uses a resolution of 1472x828 Iphone 8 plus screen is 2200x1200 or something The result is a scaled image. Blurry. And considering iphone8 plus is more powerful than ps4/xb1 and scores 40% higher than a 7th gen intel i5 on geekbench. there is no excuse for this. There should be advanced video options. Mobile devices are not weak. Please i want talos principle to be CRISP AND HD!


The reason this game has maintained my attention for as long as it has is because it is unique. I enjoy the freedom and openness of the worlds. While some may find the puzzles monotonous, I enjoy the ability to manipulate the environment in various ways to solve them.

Crash problem

It’s a beautiful game that I have been waiting to play since it came out. But there is one problem that discourages me from playing it. It keeps crashing after 2-3 minutes of gameplay. If it is fixed I would recommend everyone I know to play it.

Don’t waste your time or $$$

It’s like having a rock garden with sand and a rake. I guess it is supposed to be relaxing but it is slow and stressful. Absolutely no tutorials to let you know what is going on or how to proceed. I would give zero stars if I could for not having instructions and guidance.

Love, love, love!!!

Philosophical Sci-fi is my favorite! The Talos Principle is by far one of the most satisfying gaming experiences I’ve had on any platform! Well done!

Awesome Game!

I love this game! Beautiful graphics that transport you into another world. If you’ve ever played the old Myst or Riven games you’ll love this game. Some puzzles are easy and some I’ve yet to solve. No adds, no pay to win. A genuine game that relies on your own skill and intelligence.

Amazing, more than worth it!

I rarely write good reviews. As I am genuinely disappointed in iOS games. Talos principal IS BEYOND OUTSTANDING. The best story of any iOS game. Beautifully constructed graphics. Awesome puzzles! Terrific ambience! I swapped the controls because I am more used to classic style. Still the best game on the App Store, playing for 2 months. Amazing game! Totally amazing!


This gam gud and fen af tbh. I giv it all stars.

Okay game

Not much of a fan, gameplay and puzzle are a bit difficult because of the lack of instruction. Also the controls are a slightly for gameplay. Deleted after a couple minutes of gameplay.

Amazing game

Great game, great voice acting. Only complaint is the FPS sometimes drops.

Unable to complete game on iPad Pro 12.9

This game is long, has stunning graphics, and decent controls using the virtual gamepad. However a bug in the Eagle’s Nest level prevents acquiring a sigil that enables entry to tower level 5. In the PC version you can drop a cube to the ground when flying over the courtyard. On the iPad Pro you just cannot drop the cube and they fly by and never end up in a location necessary to complete the level. After spending hours solving all of the levels to get to the tower it is very frustrating to have this bug prevent completion of the game. I finally was able to finish this level using a bluetooth game controller that allowed me to release the cube by pressing a button.

Cool game, made me sick to play it, literally

I tried changing the settings and everything, but this game makes me sick. Dizzy and nauseous. I really liked the gameplay, but I just can’t handle it anymore. Too bad.

Great game, but not on IPad

As others have said, the biggest problem with this game is the frustration with IPad controls. It’s easily a 5-star game on a console — the closest I’ve seen to Portal (Talos’ obvious inspiration), which is a big compliment. But on a touchscreen it’s impossible to control movements and speed with precision. Talos also drained the battery like no other app I’ve used. (That might be unavoidable, given the resources it takes to run game.) It would have helped if there was a save function so that progress on a puzzle wasn’t lost every time I was blown up by a roving mine. That would have also come in handy when the game needed to be put aside in the middle of a puzzle. More than a short break and you find yourself back at the start of the current puzzle. I finished the game angry, with no desire for a replay. If you decide to buy Talos for IPad, either invest in a controller or be prepared for the frustration.

Could we have graphical options?

Do you guys mind adding a higher poly count version of this game for iPad Pro or IPhone 8 and above users? I guess it doesn’t seem quite as obvious on the phones but on the iPad Pro, the poly count and textures looks so low res and washed out compared to the PC version. I’m not expecting it to be be on par with the pc but it seems like the graphics were designed with the 5s or 6 in mind. Would love to see a A title game looks it’s best on iOS

Great until...

I got to Push It get a pair of new types of tripods that interact with each other and other never-before-seen objects, but it's totally unintuitive as to what to do or how to do it. Gave up after 20 minutes of playing around. Guess I'll have to Google it.

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