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50 hrs of deep, fun brain exercise.

Buy this game! Developer put so much love into this pocket world, that you can just walk around and gaze at its beauty. Puzzles grow in complexity from simple to really tough. But there’s never a point when puzzle can’t be beaten with logic and observation. I’ve missed the last star inside the tower and that’s the only time I needed to look on youtube where’s the 30th star in the game. Game tells a compelling story. Voice acting is fantastic. You really see the story of human tragedy as it unfolds. Some easter eggs too. Three possible endings. Just terrific. I’ve put almost 50 hours as per in-game timer to reach the end. Buy. This. Game. You won’t regret it. PS playing on ipad pro. Touch controls, no controller.

This is great but...

This game is a great game in general. Puzzles and adventure are mixed into one game. However, there are some levels that do not work. Beating these levels is sometimes imperative to keeping the story going. I am stuck on the level “You Know You Mustn’t Cross The Streams,” because every time I pick up the box, my game freezes and crashes. I need to get the puzzle piece from this level, and yet it’s impossible to obtain it. PLEASE FIX THIS, as I would love to play more.

Great game, frustrating controls at times

This is a great game with just about one flaw: the touch area for selecting objects is too small, especially in the default tap-to-move mode. If it were only 50% larger in radius I’d give this game a 5+ rating. As it stands however, touching a sentinel robot just a few pixels off not only fails to target it, it **steps toward** the sentinel, ensuring your demise. Virtual gamepad mode helps address this, but is a bit clunky itself and it remains frustrating to poke poke poke the screen. Given that I have the whole rest of the screen for look gestures this seems a safe fix. Another easy interface change I’d like to see is that the jammer’s “drop” button remain even if a target is in sight. Currently, to drop the scanner targeting nothing, you have to stop moving, look at the sky, and then hit drop. Together these flaws made Labyrinth in particular nearly impossible, even in virtual gamepad mode. Finally, when using the prism reflectors many targets fail to show up until you “nod” the view back and forth a few times. I often would get my guy in just the one right spot to reflect everything and then find that when I tried to pick the target I’d step out of position. Don’t understand why visible targets lose their buttons. (Spoiler alert for my last comment) ... ... ... For the final puzzle, exclude all codes with the number 8. It’s too easy to think that’s the level you’re on. Mine started 88 and so I took no notice of the clues.

Dry my i phone battery so fast

Overheating my i phone 6s like fire,& battery runs out after 10 minutes playing.

Unable to complete game on iPad Pro 12.9

This game is long, has stunning graphics, and decent controls using the virtual gamepad. However a bug in the Eagle’s Nest level prevents acquiring a sigil that enables entry to tower level 5. In the PC version cubes drop to the ground when they hit a palm tree. On the iPad Pro they just fly by and never end up in a location necessary to complete the level. After spending hours solving all of the levels to get to the tower it is very frustrating to have this bug prevent completion of the game.

Love it, but...

I have to say that after playing this, all other games seem disappointing. It is very frustrating and challenging at times but well worth playing. Only issue I have is that I had almost completed everything and it seems I walked through a gate that “ended” my game and reset all progress. I would have loved to have made it up the tower as that seems like the ultimate goal. Not sure I will invest all the time again to reach the point in the game I had previously achieved. All in all very enjoyable gameplay, but disappointing way to end it for me.

FANTASTIC!! But, some glitches...

I hate to write a negative review for a game that is otherwise far superior to all others out there, so let me start with the positives. The graphics are simply amazing & makes me feel as if I am really there. I hate most games out there because they are often shooting “war” games that require incredible finger dexterity & speed, and although this game does require a little of that, it is not incredibly stressful. Also, when your character is killed, it’s OK, because nearly all the puzzles are designed to be short enough to where it’s not that big of a deal to have to start them over. TIP: Switch settings to “Over left shoulder” rather than “First person” view. It makes it much easier to really see what your character is doing when you can actually see your character. Now for the issue I am facing: I’m not sure how much further I have to go in this game due to a serious glitch I have come across at “Windows into a Labyrinth.” It’s in the 7th world/level/(whatever they’re called). This particular section is verrrry tricky & ive been trying to figure it out for many hours now. It takes a long time for me to get to the point where I get stuck at, and then the game either freezes completely and/or reverts be back to the beginning (as if my character got killed). This usually occurs after pausing the game. So, as you can imagine, I’ve become exasperated & not sure if I even want to keep trying until/unless the game is repaired. I noticed this glitch in a few other areas, as well as occasional video glitches. Pausing in most puzzle sections is no problem. Then in some puzzles, one cannot pause without losing their place at all. But, luckily those are usually within puzzles that are fairly easy to start over in. NOT like in the puzzle I’m currently trapped in... I suppose I could just move along and see how much further I can get in the game, but I’m not sure I want to! I want to enjoy the full experience without skipping any parts! Anyway, I feel rather awkward complaining, because I feel like I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth in what I have experienced up to this point, as this game is absolutely remarkable! Plus, it appears I have HOURS of idle exploration I can do in this world. That, alone, is worth every penny paid.

So Beautiful ... and So Tedious

The graphics and 3D feel are extraordinary. The smooth motion and fine detail immerse you in a world that’s lovingly crafted for exploration and examination. Myst, updated to 21st century standards! The gameplay is, sadly, yawningly repetitive. Some of the floating mine puzzles take far too many repetitions to get through, long after you have figured out what the solution is. The restart point is always the beginning of the puzzle which is a big negative. A manual save point would be a major improvement in gameplay. Not having one means spending large chunks of screen time just plodding around.... I deleted it from my device before working through to the end. If I hadn’t paid for it I suppose I might have done so much sooner. 5 stars for the graphics, 1 star for boring and uninspired gameplay.

Excellent puzzles

However, the interface is a major pain. I read that the developer says that’s part of the experience but I just find it needlessly frustrating. Sometimes you have to move quickly and if you don’t double tap in exactly the same spot you move normally and then die.

Inverted control option is killer app

Thank thank thank you for providing inverted controls. My head would hurt playing without it. I didn’t know I could invert. I was thinking about a 1 star review because game was unplayable for me. I found the option to invert and can now enjoy this game. I want to thank you so much.

Fantastic puzzle game

Totally fantastic and immersive game, it worth more than what is offered i would gladly buy this on console

This is why I search the App Store...

If you’ve been playing video games since before they held your hand every step of the way (skill, logic, and perseverance were qualities you needed to justify not having the option of saving your game), this game is actually quite forgiving!! The whole point is that you have to figure it out as you go. If that’s too much to handle, don’t get this game. If you appreciate a good challenge, a rewarding experience when you solve a puzzle, AND the mercy of save points as you progress, you need to try this game. This game has mystery, problems to solve (which is the driving force behind human nature), and the voice in the sky gives you feedback as you explore, which is really cool. I recommend this game for anyone who is looking for a good problem to solve; and that’s just about all of us. If your search found this game, it’s time to download it and play it.


This game is amazing!!!

Outstanding game but controller required

Outstanding game, but some problems (ones with mines) can’t be solved (at least I am not quick enough) with the touch & swipe touchscreen interface - a controller is needed. I got the Gamevice controller (GV157 for iPhone, from Apple Store), which is a great controller but causes thermal shutdown/restart with this game due to excessive power consumption on 256 GB iPhone 7 with iOS 11. Gamevice Support never available by phone, don’t respond to web support requests. Apple Store swapped out Gamevice controller for another but same problem. Discovered solution (reduce the power consumption): (1) put iPhone 7 in Airplane mode (means AirPods won't work, no Bluetooth) to shut off all radios; (2) use headphone jack on Gamevice controller (Apple In-Ear Headphones); (3) turn iPhone ringer switch on (so Red indicator does not show) - Talos game turns off audio (speaker & wired headphones) if ringer is off (odd?); and (4) toss all apps out of memory (double-tap Home, swipe all background apps out). Will now work without thermal shutdown of iPhone.

One thing...

I would love it if there was a way to save my progress on a puzzle. It's very frustrating when I get killed to have to go back to the beginning of a checkpoint and repeat steps that I've already solved.

Fun game, great storyline

Had a blast playing this. The puzzles are challenging but not impossible. Often, the answer to one of them would come to me just before I went to sleep at night or after I went and tried a different level for a bit. By the time I reached the last part of the game I was totally engaged and curious about how it would end. Hope they make a part two or a similar adventure! Thanks to all the developers and various teams who created and helped get this game out to us. You guys are awesome!

Latest update broke the game.

I previously had a 5-Star review for the game. Latest update changed all that. Their switch of the control scheme made some puzzles uncompleteable. What were they thinking???

AAA title for $5

I’m only about an hour in and I am entertained, intrigued, and very pleased. This is easily one of the best games available for iOS and deserves to be permanent resident in the top sales charts. If you’re perusing the reviews to decide if this is worth buying, my opinion is a resounding “yes”. Solid and satisfying puzzles are the heart of the gameplay; immersive lighting, graphics, and ambient sound effects create a beautiful and believable world; top-notch voice acting hints at your place in this world; and an excellent plot and presentation keeps you searching for answers (and questions). The only negative points I saw in the reviews pertained to a somewhat frustrating default control scheme (switch to the virtual stick in the menu found in the upper-left corner of the screen), and occasional downloading problems (bug Apple). Scrolling through the reviews, I’m impressed that the devs are paying a lot of attention to what is, for them, an older game (originally released in 2014). As someone who paid for Bioshock and Xcom (not cheap by iOS standards) only to see them abandoned and unplayable, I appreciate Croteam’s commitment. Apart from the obvious references to Greek mythology and Paradise Lost, I’m also picking up vibes from Portal, 2001 - A Space Odyssey, and even the original Battlestar Galactica (the first voice reminds me of the Ship of Light). Just my impressions, and I’m sure others will have equally varied thoughts. TLDR summary- buy it.

Great game, but

Really bad interface. I try to pan and wind up moving. Try to target, and move into problem instead. Still, I really like the game.

Way better than I thought it would be!

Perfect game for iPhone X! This game really pulls you in. Feels like you’re there. Just started playing and I can already tell this game is going to be amazing. Alright, back to playing.

Great puzzles

Great game and was enjoying it until this last update. I liked having the hand button on the virtual game pad. Having to hold my device and move with the left thumb and view with the right, it was easier to have the jump and hand options down at the bottom right of the screen. Now having to click each object individually slows things down and makes it hard to accomplish timed puzzle objectives. Hope there is a way to change it back or at least have the option to toggle it for some users. Thanks for the great game and consideration on this feature.

Major graphics downgrade on iPod Touch 6

I have played many good looking games on my iPod Touch 6th generation such as Radiation Island and TurboDismount. But this game looks terrible the graphics are comparable to the first Ravensword game by Crescent Moon. And the graphics in that game are terrible. Even the old Dead Space mobile game which ran on my iPod Touch 4th generation has better graphics than this. Everything else is good but the graphics are just not up to par with most games I’ve played. I don’t want to sound rude but I know my iPod is capable of more than this.

Good game, but...

The game is wonderful and looks beautiful, but the controls are wonky. The controls are so strange that it was hard to to get pass the second level.


I've enjoyed the uniqueness of this game.

Spectacularly Addictive

Made me question what I means to be human. Exquisite graphics, wonderful soundtrack and gameplay. And the Easter bunny would be jealous of the dozens of Easter eggs and multiple endings. Philosophically like Tron, you play as the proverbial “program” on a quest to find himself. Question and enjoy everything. Take time to gain mastery of the player controls, as harder puzzles require more precision. Love this game and completely addicted to playing it. 2nd time through now, and it’s still fun

Great game. Problem with the controls

Great game. Love it. But this last update changed the game pad controls for the worse. I wish they would have left the old game pad (with the hand button and leaving all the left hand side as movement) as an extra option (“game pad 2” for example). I hope they add it back in as a third option sometime soon. Not a fan of the current two choices. Other than that, wonderful game. A must buy for all puzzle fans. I prefer it over the Witness.

Version 1.4 controls worse

This game is awesome, but the controls (still) need some work. I'm not a fan of the changes to the Virtual Gamepad that we're made in Version 1.4 - liked it better before. 1. Virtual Analog Stick - I like that it's stuck in one place. This makes more sense. It would make even more sense if you allowed the player to configure the location. 2. Jump button - it's better that it's out of the way, but not great that it's all the way at the top of the screen. It would also be nice if the player could reposition this button. 3. Tap control vs Crosshair/contextual actions. I do not like the method of tapping on the circles to interact with items. I liked it better seeing options based on the context of what the crosshairs are on. Please give us the option of switching back to crosshairs. The current method makes it really hard to drop an item if there are other actions you can perform on the screen. 4. Menu button hanging off side of screen. Prior to this update, the menu button was neatly hidden away. Now it's sticking out all the time. This breaks the immersive feeling of the game.

No sound but good graphs

I’d like to hear the audio. I’m not sure what’s the problem is. I have an iPhone 7.

Bad controls

This is one of the best looking I have seen in awhile. It was featured in the App Store as a great game. However the controls are awful. The things that you have to preform in order to get to puzzle pieces is tedious and frustrating. I have played similar games with the same touch controls such as Shardlands even those on a much smaller landscape. I get that. But with such an open works feel these type of controls just do not work. It is also the preferred method by this developer to play the game. The touch controls just do not fit this game. I doubt the developer will correct this in the near future since their responses so far have been very unhelpful to the players. I would not recommend this game to anyone. I don’t mind paying for a game and the puzzles in this game a pretty straight forward but again the controls are why to difficult to complete some of them. Sorry but even Monument Valley is better.

Fantastic! I can’t wait to play this again

Update for iPhone X: one small bug. Please change the persistent iOS home indicator from being persistent to auto-hide. As it is now, not only is it too easy to accidentally go home, the bright white bar really distracts from the game’s visuals. I loved this game on steam. I can’t wait to play it again on iOS. So far, the graphics are awesome. The controls are a bit strange, but you can revert to a traditional two-stick scheme, which might be easier in some of the later levels where timing is critical. Bravo for bringing this awesome AAA game to iOS!

Great game.

Great graphics and story line. I highly recommend this game.

Latest update ruined the virtual gamepad

The old virtual gamepad was perfect, but the latest update ruined it by making it more like the tap and swipe controls when moving objects. This makes it much more frustrating to play later in the game. The old virtual gamepad had crosshairs that you could point and click at objects, which mimicked the PC controls most closely. The controls translated to iOS well. I also really enjoyed the original virtual controls because the left control stick always moved relative to where you first tapped, so accidental view movement was minimized. I highly regret updating. Please consider adding the old virtual gamepad back as a third control option.

Controls are better

I would like it if the game pad method adopted the split screen analogue setup without the overlay for the left stick as an option: The screen is divided in half; the whole left side is the left stick and the whole right side is the right stick. There are no graphical representations for the stick itself. It’s pretty much muscle memory at this point that when emulating a virtual analogue stick, once your thumb hits the screen, that’s where the origin/pivot point is. It would remove a lot of clutter. Also, please let us 3D Touch and move the jump and grab buttons on our own. This new setup is better regarding the buttons and overall feel, but devs please, checkout the Deadspace iOS game for an example of what I mean for optimal FPS touch screen controls. Edit: holy crap!!! You’re new method as far as grabbing and using things is spoiling puzzles!! The “Touch icon” method for beams and boxes is not bad but it’s showing secrets in the distance too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun and beautiful

Only suggestion is to add iCloud support to sync game play across devices (iPad and iPhone).

Best game I’ve played in a long time on any platform

Absolutely loving this game. I actually wound up buying a controller to improve the experience and it was really worth it - this game with a controller is incredible.

Game is great. Controls is terrible

Great game! I love the ideas of this game, is very unique and playful. However, due to the touch screen, controls is frustrated. I still think mouse and keyboard fit this game the best.

Amazing, more than worth it!

I rarely write good reviews. As I am genuinely disappointed in iOS games. Talos principal IS BEYOND OUTSTANDING. The best story of any iOS game. Beautifully constructed graphics. Awesome puzzles! Terrific ambience! I swapped the controls because I am more used to classic style. Amazing game! Totally amazing!

Hard on processor

Excellent but definitely makes my iPod (Latest Gen.)get very warm and drains the battery really fast!

Free Will

Hopefully you're enjoying my donation. This will not even attempt to load. Tried several times. iPhone 7

Great game with few exceptions

I had been waiting to play this game on PC for a while but never got around to it - so I pounced on it when it released on iOS. I can honestly say I understand the hype; this game is a lot of fun on multiple levels; it’s got an intriguing premise, great atmosphere that fits the premise perfectly, and the puzzles are a lot of fun to solve. I haven’t progressed that far into the game but the puzzles definitely seem to be fair and the difficulty has a nice linear curve upward in terms of complexity. Overall, great job! A few gripes that I have with the game include occasional frame rate/optimization issues, graphical glitches, and the inability to adjust graphics settings. Also, there seems to be a general lack of anti-aliasing in this game that taints the overall appearance of an otherwise gorgeous game. Now I realize it’s a mobile port that comes with its own challenges, but I would much rather tone down the textures a bit just to make some room for antialiasing (hence the wish for adjustable graphics settings). Also, the virtual stick controls seem to have been added in as an afterthought; all too often, the camera glitches out at the slightest of touch and either points straight upwards or downwards.. this can be a bit frustrating in areas where you need to act quickly. Finally, PLEASE implement some sort of cloud save feature.. I downloaded the game on my iPhone first to try it out and got hooked to the point where by the time my phone died (battery consumption by this game is abysmal) I had already progressed quite a bit. So later, when I downloaded it on my iPad, I was forced to start from the beginning. Now I am faced with a weird dilemma where I could either play the rest of the game on my phone (which I don’t wanna do for obvious reasons; battery, screen size) or start from scratch on my iPad (which I also don’t wanna do). I hope the next update addresses at least some of these concerns because other than these minor annoyances this game is nearly perfect.

Beautiful, excellent, deep.

I just completed the game. It was a marathon of patience and mind-bending puzzles. Pro tip: use a MFi controller. This game was built for controller use and it makes the whole experience much better.

I want to love this game

I want to love this game, and I’m so glad they ported it to iOS, but is the controls...

More check points

It’s a fun game however as you progress the puzzles do get increasingly more difficult. I’m at the end of the floor b and the puzzles are getting very difficult and there are no check points within a level so if you mess up you go all the way back to the beginning of the level the developer should put checkpoints halfway through each level it would make it much more enjoyable to play.

A little bit Myst, a little bit Portal

A very enjoyable game! Well paced and designed. I concur with other reviewers that the default control scheme doesn’t work much beyond the first few levels. Virtual joystick works well, except for a maddening bug where the view will suddenly snap to staring at the sky or the ground and turn you around 180°. If the developer fixes that, this will be a five-star game.

Beautiful setting; difficult to control

I made it level b-7. After numerous failures on a certain puzzle, which causes it to jump back to checkpoint, making you repeat mundane steps, I gave up and deleted the app. I buy games to be entertained, not frustrated. There are better puzzle games out there that are just as engaging and visually appealing.

Talos Principle won’t download

I have read other reviews and I understand that it is not your fault but wouldn’t it be a great idea to maybe be proactive and work with the App Store to get this fixed? Just asking. I gave you money but have nothing to show for it. I am understandably upset. Thanks for listening.


Thank you will give it a try 😬

Not a puzzle game

The game description is misleading. This is not a puzzle game. I hate these kind of games and wasted $4.99 on what I thought was going to be puzzles. I have yet to see one. Somebody else might enjoy this game. The graphics are great, but it’s boring as hell. I wish I had never paid for this. That’s the problem with these games. It would have been better to offer a free version with in-app purchase to full version. I wish I could get my mom new back. I will never pay this.

Love the game, but...

The graphics are beautiful, I personally own an Iphone 5, and its nice to see some beautiful graphics and well developed game on such a small device, but for some reason, it is not allowing me to download it on my IPad mini. Is this an error, or is there a different process for downloading it, or is it not available for it yet? Just curious.

Awful game, untrustworthy developer

I wrote a review previously, highlighting my immense disappointment with this game. It is presented As a puzzle game, yet is little more than a short sighted point and drop waste of money. My review was not posted, nor was my complaint dealt with. This is my biggest problem with mobile games. Truly awful.

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